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Making Peace with Distance

I’ve been far away for a long time. I used to think of Distance as being the space from here to home. But then “home” changed. It became separate places, so far from one another that my finite body could … Continue reading


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#Ask5for5 Campaign: Let’s do this, people.

I’m so excited to have Sarah Lenssen guest posting here today. In August, she launched the Ask5for5 Initiative and in just six weeks, she’s raised $23,000 (as of this posting) towards the famine crisis in East Africa. Her goal is … Continue reading


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Green peas, weddings, acorns and more! A Thankful Tuesday post

Yesterday’s lunch when a newly 6-month-old baby was simultaneously consuming and expelling puréed green peas all over his face: This made his older brother laugh hysterically. Which caused the little babes smile like a hero. He made his big brother … Continue reading


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be thankful, be thankful

What a week it’s been. I’m writing this after just returning from “Cousin’s Camp” with my parents, my brothers, sisters-in-law and my boys’ five cousins. We rented a house in the mountains and had the sweetest time, with a few … Continue reading


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Pray with me?

Friends, Will you pray with me for Somer and Lance? They are friends of mine from college and Somer is a part of our Mama:Monk community. Right now, Lance is in ICU and on a respirator, as he has been … Continue reading


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slow, idle, brave

This week, while I’m on vacation, I’ll be re-posting some thoughts from back in the day (also known as last year). This was first published on July 8, 2010…   Today, while zooming through a profile piece on an artist … Continue reading

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Cotton and Lorraine

Yesterday morning, my 94-year-old Great Aunt Lorraine passed away. She still had dyed flaming red hair which, even as she was in bed with hospice care, her daughter made sure was kept combed and nice, just as Lorraine wanted. Today … Continue reading


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Thankful Tuesday: Mystery and the Rally to Restore Unity

If you haven’t heard, Rachel Held Evans has officially declared this week the Rally to Restore Unity in the blogiverse. What does this mean? It means we’re making awesome pictures of ourselves holding signs that are adorable and clever. And … Continue reading


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How to be a hero for Mother’s Day: Prosperity Candle and Preemptive Love Coalition

Friends, this is not a regular type of Mama:Monk post and I try to keep posts here reflective rather than instructive. But I feel like what I’m sharing is in line with Mama:Monk’s values, and I’m hoping you’ll feel the … Continue reading


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On Ripeness and Courage

Why does “full term” have to feel so…full? I once read a lovely book (which I really ought to read again…and you should read as well) called Great With Child, in which the author (Debra Rienstra) refers to herself as … Continue reading

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