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Let’s talk hospitality.

Friends, I know you’re out there. At least, I hope you’re out there. I was thinking today might be a good chance for us to get to know each other a bit since we’re just starting out together. Also, I’m … Continue reading


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“I will watch for you before dawn, that I may see your strength, O Lord.” This is among today’s prayers in The Benedictine Handbook, a prayer specifically for the Lenten season. And a prayer that’s very “Benedictine,” since the monks … Continue reading


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Post Mom’s Group Confession

I’m usually annoyed by people who confess their “sin of pride.” I know that’s a terrible thing to say, but I have rarely encountered what I felt was an earnest confession from someone dealing with pride. Maybe it’s because I’ve … Continue reading

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Thank you, Elizabeth Bishop.

So, I’ve been memorizing Elizabeth Bishop’s Sonnet. And I hope that there’s possibly someone out there in the virtual world who’s memorizing it with me. (I salute you, fellow memorizer!) I’ve been surprised how it really doesn’t hurt that bad … Continue reading


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Lent and the Donkey

I’m an old lady about my dark chocolate. I eat the same kind every night at the same time. My husband has tried in the past few years to give me special dark chocolate treats, stopping by the chocolate boutique … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday

Keep the reality of death always before your eyes… -The Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 4 I love Ash Wednesday, mostly because I love the symbolic. On this night, a pastor wipes my forehead in the mark of the cross, … Continue reading

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Peace and Amen

It’s not a new thing that kids like to say “Amen.” Churched babies since the origin of the Church have probably been yelling “Amen!” excitedly whenever their families sat down to eat. It’s a word that feels good on the … Continue reading


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Poetry, Mamas

It was poetry that won me over to words before I even knew a person could be won over. When I read John Keats in high school, I secretly marked the page of “Ode On a Grecian Urn” in my … Continue reading


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Coming Back

I am far from your image of the monastic life: the serenity, the wisdom, the walking slowly with my hands in prayer position. Instead of enrobing myself in the monastic tunic for morning prayer at 6 am, I’m usually stumbling … Continue reading


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