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Walk slow and notice

The plane lands and you have a connection to make in a city you‚Äôve never see the ground of. Two or three times your body has hovered close here: once in a suburb, twice at this airport where you taxi … Continue reading


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A couple of photo shoots, some bluebonnets, and one lovely photographer…

When I made the decision to make the move to Patheos, I knew it was time to spruce things up around here. That meant having a banner with a higher quality photo than Chris‚Äô iPhone pic circa 2008. A friend … Continue reading


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Micha tries to write about music…

I don‚Äôt consider myself a “music person.” I love music and I always have. It moves me and speaks to me, though usually, it‚Äôs the lyric that lingers longest in my heart. ¬†Though I have spent a good portion of … Continue reading


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Because grace is brave and it always wins

You‚Äôre 16-years-old and the boy who kisses you beside the light blue Chevy Spectrum under the moon has berry-thick boy lips, his knuckles rough and cut from punching walls. He is all man, you think. And somewhat good. Becoming better. … Continue reading


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Julie Bowen and our Bellies

Last night was a sucker punch of bedtime crazy. My screaming preschooler woke his brother up twice between the hours of 8 and 9:30. I was back and forth to them and finally finished bedtime at 10:30, three hours after … Continue reading


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Fumbling Toward Alleluia

I slowly eased into liturgy. I was reading Anglicans first before I entered the doors of their churches. Madeline L‚ÄôEngle¬†so moved me that I couldn‚Äôt imagine I wouldn‚Äôt love to worship beside her at her Episcopal church in Manhattan. CS … Continue reading


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Transfiguration and Beauty

Last year, I wrote about picking my son up from the nursery after our church‚Äôs Ash Wednesday service. I was ripe with pregnancy. And not in the good way. I was ripe in the “my due date is in two … Continue reading


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{Practices of Parenting Carnival} In Which I Believe in Family Dance Parties

My family had one living area in our three bedroom ranch house. It had a shiny brick bench in front of the fireplace. It was a perfect place for a stage and served as one pretty faithfully for this girl … Continue reading


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The Host Raised

One of the things I most love about the intentionality of liturgy is how suddenly it can catch my throat in worship. Lately, though I‚Äôm always moved by words in music or scripture, it‚Äôs in the physical movement of worship … Continue reading


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For Brooksie, upon his turning ten months old.

You turned ten months old last Tuesday. Almost every other month of your living, we‚Äôve celebrated the 16th with a photo and a little “Happy X month birthday, T-Rexy!” This time, I didn‚Äôt even notice. I was waiting all week … Continue reading


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