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Making Peace with Distance

I’ve been far away for a long time. I used to think of Distance as being the space from here to home. But then “home” changed. It became separate places, so far from one another that my finite body could … Continue reading

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When Ryan followed the pastor to stand before the rows of white chairs, facing the friends who’d flown in from New York and Philadelphia and Baltimore, he caught some eyes and smiled. We smiled back. My husband and one of … Continue reading


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Big Things

There’s a phrase I hate in the Christian subculture.  And it’s one I haven’t heard in a long time. It’s been about ten years since someone said to me: “I think I’m supposed to do big things for God,” or … Continue reading


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A short post from a tired lady.

Ah, how I wish I had a long, deep, lovely thing to post today. Instead, I’m tired and grouching (that’s not a word, Hohorst!) to Chris that my time is already stretched here and I hardly have friends yet! What … Continue reading


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It’s moving day so let’s read a poem.

Today we move into our house. We open up boxes that were packed on June 25, that long and short summer ago. It will be like Christmas! And, honestly, it will be a little sad because it means we actually … Continue reading

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God’s deepening life in me (Part 1)

“In everyday life, then, we must hold ourselves in balance before all created gifts insofar as we a choice and are not bound by some responsibility. We should not fix our desires on health or sickness, wealth or poverty, success … Continue reading

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It’s always a little bit awkward to tell people it’s your birthday. That’s because their reaction to hearing such a thing (if they didn’t already know it) is either pity or guilt. I don’t want strangers to feel sorry that … Continue reading


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Thankful: heavy air, flaming sunset, a root easing down

Tonight while Chris was getting August ready for bed, I strapped Brooksie into the Ergo and walked the five minutes to the front of the apartment complex,  pushing a stroller full of recycling to its appropriate depository. (Oh, Texas, you … Continue reading


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The Whole Heart

Last week I quoted St. Anthony and lamented that I was not only subpar in his thinking that one should not “easily leave” the place one lives, but his advice that someone who wants to please God must always “have … Continue reading


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Why I wish I lived in a commune.

 In honor of this little vacation I’m on with some of my favorites, this post from January 6, 2011 seems appropriate.   I just rode home in the back seat of a Volkswagen with two seventeen year old girls manning … Continue reading


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