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Streams of Belief

There’s something in my personality that doesn’t like to take a position. If you ask me my politics, I’ll say I’m moderate. I lean left on some issues, right on others. If you ask me if I’m Calvinist or Armenian, … Continue reading


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Wise Stuff My Husband Said {A Series}: The Bible as Friend

Monday night we sat on the couch, me drinking tea slash eating dark chocolate and writing my Thankful Tuesday post while Chris read. My husband interrupted my train of thought to read a section from his ongoing savoring of our … Continue reading


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Thankful Tuesday: Mystery and the Rally to Restore Unity

If you haven’t heard, Rachel Held Evans has officially declared this week the Rally to Restore Unity in the blogiverse. What does this mean? It means we’re making awesome pictures of ourselves holding signs that are adorable and clever. And … Continue reading


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Motherhood: A Blog Fight, a Culture War, and Grace

This week my brother, Jason Boyett, asked me to guest post on his blog, O Me of Little Faith, in response to surprising debate that displayed itself (in all its nastiness) this week on several progressive Christian blogs. The issue … Continue reading


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Yesterday, the sermon was about Communion and how it challenges us towards community, memory and hope. What I can’t get over is my pastor’s description of what it means to “remember.” As we looked at the passage of scripture in … Continue reading

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Dads Who Stay Home: Let’s Discuss

I’ve shared on this blog how I’m often embarrassed by the label I carry as a stay-at-home mom. Yes, I’ve complained about it…and worried about how I’m failing the cause of women in the workplace by my family’s conscious decision … Continue reading


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