Why this blog was not titled “Mama:Monk of San Francisco”

When I started writing to all you lovely people, I was pretty lonely. I was a SAHM in a new city, walking with my eighteen month old down steep sidewalks that didn’t feel like they belonged to me, adjusting my life as a mom to a yard-less home (apartment) and the community of neighborhood parks. I was a girl from Amarillo pushing a stroller up San Francisco hills! (Do you comprehend how distinct those two differences are? Please click here to grasp the flatness of Amarillo, Texas.)

Here’s what happened to me from that time till now:

  • I lost five pounds from pushing a stroller up to Coit Tower on a regular basis (that is where I had to park my car, people).
  • I spent my time (pre-friends) reading lots of books about Benedictines and telling you about them.
  • I found the sweetest community of moms I’ve ever experienced. We were (are) all transplants trying to raise our kids in a crazy and expensive city without family nearby. We made food for each other. We passed kids’ clothes on to each other. We prayed for each other. We loved each other’s kids. And these women were smart and gifted and challenging to me in a beautiful ways.
  • I was found by the dearest twenty-something Bible study ever. They called themselves YOOBS for goodness sake. They prayed for me and sat in my home every Sunday night so we could talk about God and joy and calling. They became fifteen little aunties for August. And they fed me brownies and took me out to movies.
  • I got pregnant and suffered several months of at home ickiness but only threw-up in public one time on a city sidewalk with my little boy by my side.
  • I fell in love with our church and learned life-altering truths from my pastors and spiritual director about my significance in Christ (whether or not my work is perceived as valuable in my culture).
  • I complained about the weather. A lot.
  • I had a baby named Brooks.
  • I watched my husband struggle with his value in his work. I prayed with him through months of asking God what we were supposed to be doing and where we were supposed to be living.

We got an answer. And we’re moving to Austin.

Chris found a job he’s really excited about, an opportunity we couldn’t turn down. And, though I never imagined I’d have the chance to live in my home state again, I’m going to have a Texas driver’s license! And I’m going to drive my boys the two and a half hours to my 90-year-old grandmother’s house and let her love them.

So, here’s my announcement: I’m leaving this fair city. I have fallen in love with it and its idiosyncrasies, its noise, its food, its naked people (why can’t people in this town put clothes on?!), even (can I actually say this?) its scarf-weather. I was not prepared to leave it or the people I love here so soon. We leave them in three weeks. And I’m heartbroken about it.

Chris says it’s good to be heartbroken. That means we put down roots here. We lived in the present. We practiced stability in the small way we could.

So, here we go. You get to hear me cry about it for the next few weeks, and then cry about how I need friends for the next chunk of months. But, by golly, I will rejoice in summertime weather. If I complain about summer in Austin, you have the right to unsubscribe to this blog.

Until then,



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21 Responses to Why this blog was not titled “Mama:Monk of San Francisco”

  1. Melanie

    Yay! I mean, I’m sorry you have to leave your new friends. But I’m happy you get to live in Texas again. Austin is great!

    BTW, I also have thrown up once on a public sidewalk during a second pregnancy with my son in tow. Small world.

  2. God bless you in this journey! You are truly experiencing God’s provision for your family in such a real (inspiring) way. And you have demonstrated what it is like to be open to His calling on your life. And to be so close to your family? Beautiful.

  3. Cheryl Crain

    Did you hear Jules and I scream yeah as we read your blog together. I have been in Austin for a week caring for Claire while they were on a mission trip in Nicaraugua. If you locate near the NW. I would highly recommend Austin Christian Fellowship to you. Jules would be your children’s minister and it is a great church on top of that. I can see lots of road trips with you mom. Yeah God.

  4. Congrats, Micha! I look forward to meeting Chris and hearing about his opportunities in Austin. You’re moving to a great city with all sorts of interesting folks (some of whom do not keep clothes on).

  5. I’m excited for this news! I don’t make it down to Austin as often as I like but you add another good reason to go! I’ll have to pick up Michele and have a road trip to see all our favorite peeps in ATX! Happy for your new opportunity, but also understand it’s sad & hard to say good-bye. Look forward to seeing you and those cutie pie boys!

  6. Sarah

    I am SO excited to read this news. I may or may not have spent the better part of Tuesday and Wednesday applying for jobs in Austin, completely unrelated but I like the good karma of this story. I will totally come snuggle with your babies and watch bad 90s movies with you.

  7. John Boyett

    Congratulations on your move. God keeps planting you in the places where He wants you, even if only for a season. I am so proud that your young men will have the opportunity for growing in Texas. Some 40 years ago last month your Mom and Dad introduced me to my lovely wife Donna and I am so glad that God used them to find my love and complete my life.

    You blog has been such a joy for me and this elderly cousin of yours is very blessed to have been able to share in your lives and godly thoughts.

  8. Sam

    Oh wow! Exciting news! I know you will be happy to be in Texas again. Being close to family is priceless. And everyone knows that Austin is a very cool place. Is it ridiculous for me to be excited because Texas isn’t THAT far away from Mississippi, even though there is a whole of hours in between here and there?

  9. i visited san francisco once and fell in love, and everyone talks of how great austin in. God will certainly provide there, as well. blessings on your transition!

  10. Caq

    My sister maggie lives in austin!!!! You will love her AND she is a writer!!!! Xo caq

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  12. Rheagan

    You will love Austin! That’s where we live now, with our two kids (3 yrs and 1 yr). It is very family friendly, with a environmental bent as well. We love our church, our CSA, and our ability to live a low-key life in a busy city. (The Tex-Mex isn’t too bad either!) Best of luck with your move. If you need any suggestions about living in Austin with kids, I have plenty. :)

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  14. Congrats on your move! That’s so exciting! Austin is such a great city! If you’re interested in areas surrounding Austin, we offer premier Texas land for sale so you and your husband can build your dream home! We hope your move goes splendidly!

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