T-Rexy Is Here!

Hey, Mama:Monk fans. This is Jason (Micha’s brother).

She and husband are currently enjoying the blissful aftermath of the birth of little T-Rexy, who entered the world this morning at 8:40 am in San Francisco.

He weighed 8 lbs, 6 oz and is 20.5 inches long. His real name is Brooks Andrew.

Everyone is happy and healthy.

Thanks for reading, praying, and thinking about Mama:Monk. I expect she’ll be back here soon, but will probably need a few days off. Feel free to leave your best wishes here, if you’d like.


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27 Responses to T-Rexy Is Here!

  1. Hooray! Congratulations! Enjoy this little one. Give the top of his head an extra sniff for me.

    Big hugs!

  2. CAQ

    Congratulations!!!!! xocaq

  3. MainlineMom

    Awesome! Congrats and praise the Lord. Babies are such a gift.

  4. Lily Jensen

    Congratulations!! So excited to meet T-Rexy, I mean Brooks! So many blessings to you, friend!

  5. What a stud… thanks, Father, for a healthy mommy & baby!

  6. What a good brother! And beautiful baby. This made my day.

  7. Lex

    From the depths of my heart, “W2G.”

  8. M.K.

    So glad for Brooks’s safe delivery into this world. My thoughts are with you and your whole family. May you get the sleep you need as much as reality will allow it. Sending so much love through the wires.

  9. Campbell

    Praise the Lord! Fabulous news — nice work, Micha. Rest up, enjoy your blessings.

  10. delonda dunn

    Congrats Micha! He’s precious! What a sweet blessing from above!

  11. YIPPEE. God has blessed our world with a new and delightful way to experience the love of our Lord. Thanks for sharing the love with us all, Micha, Chris and August. Can’t wait to hold him!

  12. Amy Snell

    How wonderful! Many blessings!

  13. Clio

    Congratulations! Brooks is beautiful! Best wishes to all of you.

  14. Congrats, congrats, CONGRATS! Welcome Little Man Brooks!


  15. Sam

    Congratulations! A thousand happy congratulations! He is beautiful - and so big! What a lovely name, too. Sending the whole Mama: Monk family so much love.

  16. Leor D

    Yeahhhh!! Congrats. I bet big brother and papa are proud. Hugs. :)

  17. Elizabeth

    Congratulations on your bundle of joy! I love your blog and look forward to more pearls of faith and mommyhood. :)

  18. Beautiful! So happy to hear the little guy has made it here safe and sound. Enjoy getting to know this little man.

  19. Farah

    Such a lovely little face to love! Congrats, Micha.

  20. Alysia

    Hooray, hooray! So happy to hear of Brooks’ safe entry into the world, and pleased for you to finally meet him. Enjoy these first sleepy days together, and know we are thinking about you and praying for you as you adjust.

  21. Yeah!!! Excited for you all!

  22. Jennifer

    T-Rexy’s beautiful! Congrat’s to you, Chris, and August.

  23. Kimling

    Congrats Chris and Micha! Welcome T-Rexy!!!

  24. Maureen

    Congrats!!!! So excited for you guys and LOVE the name :) Hope to meet him soon!

  25. Caroline

    Congratulations, Micha! I am catching up on blogs and am a little behind in my warm wishes, but here they are all the same. :)

    What a beautiful baby! Congratulations to your whole family.

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