Let’s Be Thankful!

  • I love our church and our community in San Francisco. I just looked online to find the names of friends (and some folks I don’t even know) who have signed up to bring us new-baby dinners. It’s a beautiful thing to be cared for.
  • Last week, my Mom’s Group threw a friend and me a baby shower. They gave me a lovely gift card to Amazon. And cookies. And cheese!
  • I’m not swollen! Not even my feet! Thankful, thankful…
  • I have not only a wonderful mother who is coming this week to take care of me (August and T-Rexy too) but also a generous, kind mother-in law who has scheduled her trip out here for a few weeks from now. I may be far from family, but they continue to serve me and make themselves part of our lives. So grateful.
  • Yesterday, in the car, August said, “Your new haircut is beautiful, Mommy!” I don’t have a new haircut. But I still felt pretty great about myself.
  • Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am for a washer and dryer? Yesterday, when August peed his pants for the 18th time in the past month, I marched those wet clothes straight to the washer. And I thanked Jesus. Because. Seriously.
  • I am definitely a whiny face to my husband, even if I’m not complaining about end of pregnancy discomfort (at least not complaining that much) to the rest of the world. But he still loves me. And he still makes me food. Lots of food.
  • A friend asked me yesterday if August and I were going to do anything special—just he two of us—before the baby comes. Honestly, I hadn’t even thought about it. I’ve thought a lot about how this will affect August. I’ve thought about how August and Chris should have some special time together. But I’ve never considered that he and I could use a special date. I’m just grateful to be reminded that a precious part of my life is ending soon. (It’s good to have a reason to be grateful even if I wish the baby would just show up already.)
  • Last night after Chris read August a story from his Jesus Storybook Bible while he (August, not Chris) went potty, my little boy shouted, “I need some more Jesus, please!” Yes, you do. Me too.

I’m praying (and am thankful) for more Jesus this week especially. What are you thankful for?

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