Hello, Patheos.

apartmenttherapy.com via Pinterest


Today is moving day! Mama Monk is officially part of Patheos.

This site will stick around for a while and in a couple of weeks, after everything is just as it should be (at least where the blog is concerned), mamamonk.com will redirect to Patheos. Until then, the blog may be a little unwieldy. I’ll be figuring things out and smoothing out the bumpy places.

Please let me know how your experience is going with the move: If your subscriptions are working, if there are any issues with comments, if you’re super annoyed that I have ads on my page and you can’t stand me for being a sell-out. (Actually, don’t mention number 3.)

I’m excited to be part of the blogging community over there. And I’m thankful for you guys.

Now, head over to my {Practicing Benedict} post!




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2 Responses to Hello, Patheos.

  1. Courtney L

    I couldn’t find you over there. Perhaps the move isn’t finalized yet? I’m not familiar with patheos, but it felt messy.

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