I need your help!

Hey friends,

I’m working on the new header for our move over to Patheos and I need your thoughts on my two possible headers. Will you leave me a comment with your opinion? Which do you like the best?


PS Special thanks to my brother, Jason Boyett, for the design and to Erin Molloy Photography for the general awesomeness!


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75 Responses to I need your help!

  1. Bridgett Donnelly

    Love the second one!

  2. Adriel

    The second one looks the best. :0)

  3. katieleigh

    I like the second one - looks a little kinder and more accessible.

  4. Amy

    I like the first one.

  5. Carol Swanson

    They’re both beautiful. I like the smiley one better. It seems more welcoming and warm.

  6. The second one for sure!

  7. candacec

    Definitely #2
    I haven’t ever commented
    Before, am a fairly new reader, but I love your blog!!!

  8. I like the second one much better-friendlier, prettier =0)

  9. I like the second one. But both are lovely!

  10. terry savage

    sorry but I love # 1. like your thinking deep thoughts and looking toward home.

  11. Chelsea

    Hi Micha,
    I like the second one. Congratulations on the new changes! I do love your blog and it makes me sad I didn’t make more of an effort to get to know you and Chris in SF!
    Chelsea Hertlein

  12. Sarah

    I too like the second one!

  13. Lyndsey

    Is there any way he can make it a little less Beth Moore and a little more Anne Lamott? I like my theologians gruff and cantankerous. Obviously this is unhelpful.

  14. The second one due to your smile and the font.

  15. Kristin Gardner

    You’re gorgeous and I love both of them but my vote is for the second one. : ) <3

  16. NOT #1. The hair is a bit too “Hanson” (sorry) and just not as compelling. #2 is WAAAAY better. It’s too bad you’re smiling so much in it; is it possible to have the same kind of pose but just look a bit more pensive so it goes with all your different kinds of posts (and not just the super-happy ones)?

  17. susan

    i vote for the second one!

  18. I like the second one, esp. the picture. However, would love to see the second picture with the first banner - because I especially like the wheat in the first one…. Thanks!

  19. Micha, I like the 2nd option the best. Your smile lights it up.

  20. Courtney

    The second one is perfect! Love the picture and it’s more you I think at least! Xoxo

  21. Christa mason

    I like the second one (: Your smile is so sweet, I think the first one isn’t as welcoming and friendly.

  22. Tracy

    Both lovely but second just looks like “you”!

  23. Y Brast

    The second one is best! More approachable - love the smile.

  24. Christina

    The second one!

  25. Joy Bezner

    Ha! I see you have lots of votes. I love the second one…that’s how you are when I think of you…smiling!

  26. chelsea

    The second one is just lovely . . .

  27. Second one. The wheat is pretty, but I find it distracting. Too much going on for me.
    I also like how, in the 2nd one, the word “mama” is over the grey background and next to you, and the word “monk” is over the cross image. And yes, you have a beautiful, welcoming smile. This makes it feel as though reading about Benedictine practices in motherhood/regular life is approachable for anyone, not just super spiritual folks.
    And finally, yay! Congrats again.

  28. Michele

    love the second one

  29. Cameron Reeves

    Pissed reflective Micha vs Happy insightful Micha. Number 2 for sure!!!

  30. Emily

    The first one is way better!! I love the colours in it.

  31. Both beautiful! So excited for you.

    Also, how did I never put it together that Jason Boyett was your brother?

  32. julie

    I like the second one best- but they are both lovely options!

  33. walkersnc

    Both are very nice, but the second is my favorite.

  34. caq

    2nd one. In the first you look semi-sinister…which I never thought I would be writing about a Micha picture. xocaq

  35. The first one!! You look contemplative and monkish!!

  36. The second one is much fresher and inviting

  37. I think the second one *looks* like a more official blog photo/header, but I like the first one best: your name beneath the cross, the title words complimentary and contrasting at the same time, thoughtful look… that’s my gut reaction. Both good. :)

  38. valeriethelma

    Second one. I don’t mind whether you choose to look smiling or pensive, but being able to see your eyes helps a stranger-reader like me trust you.

  39. Amy duncan

    The second one

  40. I didnt read the other comments because I didnt want them to sway me. I love the second one the best.- my humble opinion.

  41. Probably way too late, but I like number two.

  42. jordancristine


  43. Lauren O'Connell

    smiley * though mostly i just like that 2nd layout better, so a more pensive look would work too! Congrats again!!!

  44. Thanks to everybody! It’s so fun to see so many of you around here today. I’m thinking 2 is our winner…August totally agrees.

  45. Gail Martin

    Well, looks like the second one’s a winner and that’s my choice too.
    When I picture you as i read your words, I always picture you smiling.
    Even when you are saying hard stuff. Or crying. You have a beautiful smile and the world shouldn’t miss out, especially if they have never seen it live and in person.

  46. Dina gibson

    Micha, so cool all that is going on for you!!!! i”m loving catching your thoughts and look forward to reading your book! we miss u at good sam. on the voting front…I like the lettering of the first best; your name is more legible to those of us who are finding it hard to read and need the larger letters plus I really like the black letting of ” monk” and the cross slightly tilted. however the smiley face is so much better than the other, can you put your smiling face on the first layout? that would be the best choice in my opinion congrats on everything! love, dina

  47. Jodi Chesemore

    The second one! First is way too serious, not that monks are not serious, nor you at times, but it’s your sense of humor rising out of your deep spirituality that touches my heart!

  48. The second one, please.

  49. pastordt

    The monks I know are the happiest people I’ve about ever met. So I would vote for photo 2. Might be fun to see if you could put it into layout number one, though I think both backgrounds are great. Pretty cool to have a brother who can do such good work for you.

  50. You look a little bit younger in the first one. That’s my shallow contribution, sorry…!

  51. Better that than never - love the second one!

  52. middleoftheride

    I like the second one best- it’s easier to read. :)

  53. Lisa from TX

    #2 is best! Definitely!!

  54. fiona lynne

    The second one :)

  55. The second one is just “you” - love it!

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