Advent Thankful

  • Yesterday, for my sake, my husband did something he hates: hanging pictures. Yes, after two months of bare walls in the Hoho home, he lovingly nailed paintings and pictures on our wall, while August followed behind him with a hammer. (By the way, August + hammer = bad idea.)
  • I’m also thankful that my main squeeze did something he loves last Thursday: Cook and Host. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with some fellow San Franciscans who also couldn’t make it back to family for the holiday. And Chris, that turkey was beautiful. Thank you for always feeding me so well.
  • I’m thankful for family traditions, especially when it comes to Christmas decorating. Our fake, Charlie Brown tree went up this past weekend. Our little family has had a tree decorating tradition for a while (even before the kid came around). It goes like this: 1) Listen to Amy Grant Christmas music (Really, is any other Christmas music ever needed?) while hanging ornaments and periodically dancing, 2) Wear our respective ugly Christmas sweaters that we pull out every year just for this event, and 3) drink wassail. YESSSSSS! I Love Christmas!
  • I’m thankful that August is really interested in the Christmas story and is participating in that story, even if yesterday he broke the angel in the Nativity set by sending her flying through the inside of the fake tree.  At least the Nativity friends are having fun.
  • I’m thankful that next year at this time, I will have a 9 month old and a 3 year old. And the four of us will (hopefully) play with a less breakable crèche.
  • I’m thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to write a series of poems for the Advent season. I love the spiritual preparation they’ve given me. And I love creating. I think I forget how much joy I find in working really hard at making something beautiful.
  • I’m thankful for how much fun I have making anything with my son in the kitchen. On Friday, we made Christmas cookies but I’m not thankful that I can’t stop eating them.
  • I’m thankful for Dave Barnes’ Christmas album, which seems to be on a continuous loop in my kitchen.
  • And I’m thankful for you, readers. Last year at this time, I couldn’t have imagined that I’d ever want to have a blog. But I love this. I love writing something meaningful (or not so meaningful) everyday and I love knowing that you care what I write. Thanks for reading this.

Happy Thankful Tuesday. (What are you thankful for?)


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5 Responses to Advent Thankful

  1. caq

    I’m grateful that I get to see both my sisters for Christmas (in addition to the other Qs). I cannot believe we’re already talking about Christmas, I am still recovering from Thanksgiving.

    I’m grateful I’m teaching three poetry classes next semester. Poetry! I miss you.

    I’m grateful I SLEPT. Okay that is sort of selfish but my eyes had started pointing in different directions and it was getting ugly.

    Your turkey was gorgeous; pass that on to Chris. I’m grateful you sent me pictures. xoxoxocaq

  2. Stephanie F.

    I’m thankful that God has answered several long-standing prayers of mine this year - not exactly in the ways I wanted - but it’s all for the good! I’m going to be remembering this year for quite a while and especially in the “dry” years when it doesn’t seem like much as happened.

    I’m thankful for women at my church that encourage me and make me feel loved, even when my children are loud and annoying during the church service.

    I’m thankful for health and energy (and a 4.5 month old son) - this time last year I was 6 weeks pregnant laying in bed feeling terrible, this would continue for about 10+ weeks.

    I’m thankful for the advent season - it encourages me to actively look forward to Christmas!

  3. MK

    I will list the I’m thankfuls in a moment, but first! There is this neat 3M product for picture hanging, which comes in useful if you’re afraid of putting nails in the wall (as I am now that we own our own place and painted the walls). It’s Command strips that are interlocking. It’s like plastic velcro! You put one strip on the thing to be hung (or more depending on the weight) and one on the wall. And they can be removed without pulling off paint/damaging object.

    I am thankful that I am finding the discipline to work regularly on one writing project. Usually I am full of ideas and I take notes toward all of them, without making any significant forward progress. But I’ve been writing towards one idea for several months now.

    I am thankful that I have a job and that my boss - a very cheerful, avuncular type - and I get along so well. He stopped in my office to tell me something very kind and apropos of nothing today. And I am grateful for his thoughtfulness.

    I am so grateful for my husband. He is amazingly funny and patient. I love him I love him I love him.

  4. Caroline

    Amy Grant is definitely the Christmas music I grew up with — who needs anything else? :) I was rocking out to it this morning while washing dishes.

  5. Leah Davis

    I’m thankful that you mentioned Amy Grant’s Christmas album (ha ha). That was Jared’s and my first purchase, our first Christmas as a married couple, and we still bust it out the day after Thanksgiving every year :)

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