Mama Monk Interview!

I know many of you dear readers have come by my blog because you love my brother Jason and trust his advice. He’s smart and funny and deep and you hope I’ll be too. And I appreciate that. I don’t mind the pressure…as long as you’re not expecting me to have snark oozing out of every word I write. And as long as you don’t anticipate super clever footnotes. I don’t even know how to make footnotes.

So, thanks to his brotherly encouragement of my new blogging pursuit, I am now the latest interviewee on the jb blog. Read it here.

And if you’ve never read Jason Boyett’s blog or his books, you’re in for a happy reading experience. Enjoy!


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2 Responses to Mama Monk Interview!

  1. Janna

    I found you via Jason’s blog. You are fascinating! :) I will definitely keep reading your blog. Oh and I think memorizing poetry is a great idea!

  2. kathy beasley

    i can not type, but iam loving to read your blog. your bubbles put it up for me the last time he came in. i adore reading about you chris and little man. but then i adore everything about you always have and always will. you precious precious baby girl of mine. i told you i could’nt type because im not sure i will respond often. i will in my heart . i love you!!!!!!! krb

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