November 5, 2010...12:01 am

Friday Blogroll

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Remember how last week I began the week with posts prepared and was able to actually go to bed on time every night?

Not so much this week. Yes, I have a good excuse. I only arrived back in my home at midnight Tuesday night (or should I say midnight Wednesday morning?). And I’ve been playing catch-up since. But I seriously can’t keep trying to write a post at 10:15 the night before. I’m an old, pregnant lady. Somebody help me to bed.

What I will tell you is that there are a few interesting blog posts I’ve read and contemplated this week. (Some were not posted this week. I’ve just been slow in getting around to them.) If you’d like a little extracurricular reading this lovely fall Friday, then feel free to clicky-click.

  • I know I’m always telling you to read Surprised by Joy…but seriously, you have to see this monkey cake Caroline made her niece. It’s so cute and I think I could actually do it myself. Maybe. Probably not. See it here.
  • As always, I love Rachel Held Evans, not only because she and I would have fun conversations over coffee. Her blog is always thought-provoking and her new book project is fascinating and feather-rustling. (Read about it here.) Her recent list on her failings as an evangelical caused my brain to feel at home, as per usual.
  • My friend Carrie is incredibly crafty and has a side job (other than raising her son and daughter) as professional cake maker. She’s amazing. I love her blog, Spoolsisters, even though every beautiful thing she makes is only a dream. (It’s sort of like looking through a JCrew catalogue.) Look at these pumpkin softies we can make with our little people.
  • I found a link to this blog from a Slate tweet yesterday. This woman’s post (read it here) defends her choice to allow her five-year-old son to dress as a girl for Halloween and lays some fair judgment on the women at the Christian preschool who outwardly questioned her parental choices. The post brings up a lot of questions I haven’t answered for myself. Maybe it should be a blog post. How often do I find myself drawing gender lines for my son that I’m not even sure I believe in? I wouldn’t let him paint his fingernails. But I do let him pretend to put make up on with me in front of the mirror. I fully support his love of the color pink. (But then again his dad sports the pale version in several smooth button-downs.)

Happy Friday. Enjoy the reading…



  • You always make me blush!! :) I’m so glad you liked the monkey cake — it was, actually, very easy to make. I’m not a great hand at decorating cakes (though I will get to take a class on it in culinary school) and I think you totally could pull it off.

    I bet your little guy would LOVE it! :)

    (Thanks for the lovely shout-outs…you are too kind!)

  • Was my last point confusing? I didn’t expand on the few thoughts I was processing. I’m not worrying that my son is only interested in “girl” things (ie fingernails, make-up, pink), just thinking about where and if the line should be drawn…

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