October 5, 2010...12:01 am

Thankful Tuesday: New Apartment Edition

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It’s time for a good ole fashioned Thankful Tuesday List. (Which means you have to add your own as well.):

  • Even though we don’t have our TV set up, we were still able to purchase (for 3 freaking dollars, come on iTunes!) Sunday’s Mad Men episode and watch it only one day late. Ahhhhh, sometimes it’s just so good to live in 2010.
  • Did I mention how thankful I am that we had movers this past Friday? I’ve moved plenty of other times without them, watching my husband and his friends suffer through pulling huge couches up tiny staircases. I’m so grateful for moving companies (And couches that aren’t ripped in the back. Ahem. Is six years ago too soon?).
  • Did I also mention that we had friends help us move some random little things on Thursday night? I loved seeing faces I love, whom I would never have known had we not come here a year ago, sitting on the empty living room floor eating pizza with my son on a random Thursday night. In a city where we have no family, I cannot overemphasize the blessing of friendship and community.
  • I got to talk to my friend Cat on the phone last night. I miss her and a chat with her always makes my insides settle a little.
  • I’ve started feeling the baby move around. I love these first bubbly baby flutters. Nothing like it.
  • We’ve been hoping for the past year to become a home where people “stop by.” It’s happened twice in two days! I love the stop-by.
  • Parking? Laundry? Every time in the past weekend I’ve experienced the simple joy of these luxuries, I feel my heart pray that I won’t forget how good I have it. If I don’t thank God for parking and laundry on this Thankful Tuesday, I’m not being honest about the sweetness of hearing the dryer churning in the other room. Ahhhh. Such a lovely sound.
  • Today I bought new cloth napkins…in fall colors! I love hosting dinner with a freshly pressed tablecloth and lovely napkins. It’s the small joys, people.

What are you thankful for?


  • Today I am thankful for -
    1. Zumba class four days a week.
    2. Craigslist making it easier to sell stuff we no longer need.
    3. After 4 years & 2 months our fixer-upper house is completely fixed up! We finished our last project (the kitchen cabinets - and I love them!) this weekend.
    4. Grandparents that babysat the boys all weekend.
    5. Pumpkins because they taste delicious and are adorable to decorate with and fun to paint/carve.

  • Things I’m thankful for today:
    1. Helpful Mother-in-laws that transport my daughter to school 1 day/week
    2. That life is seasonal/cyclical and the difficult times give way to better things.
    3. Forgiveness
    4. Cute baby smiles (he’s almost 3 months)

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