July 5, 2010...9:54 am

Hover-Crazy Mommies?

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So, it’s the morning after the 4th, a holiday! Which, of course, means that I have exciting things to do today, like sweeping my embarrassingly crumb covered floors, washing my son’s three pairs of warm weather pajamas (we’re leaving for Texas in two days!), and hanging out with the Main Squeeze who has the day off today. Woohoo!

So all that means that I don’t have much to say this morning. Though I do want to comment that yesterday was the strangest 4th of July in my 30 years. This is what I was wearing while I watched the fireworks from the top of my roof last night: one sweatshirt (with its hood attractively raised), one winter coat, and one blanket from the couch. Oh, San Francisco, what have you done to the season formerly known as Summer?

But, you don’t really want to hear me complaining about the weather in this town. Especially you whose humidified clothes are sticky when you remove them at the end of the day. So instead I’m sending you to an article from yesterday’s Washington Post, commenting on the interesting state of parenting in our culture. They call it the “Helicopter Mom,” the woman so busy controlling every aspect of her children’s development that she no longer has friends, interests, or outside activities in general. And her children? Well, read the article. I’ll be back with some actual thoughts on more than weather tomorrow.

Helicopter moms, heading for a crash

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