May 18, 2010...12:01 am

my list, your list

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What I’m thankful for today:

  • Today August starts a full morning preschool art program! That means I get three (that’s 3!) full hours to myself once a week. I can’t explain how excited I am. He’s pretty pumped too.
  • Two nights in a row of dinners with new friends. New friends = good.
  • We got our car back with a clean, pretty, non-shattered window! And who needs a GPS anyway? I’m thankful for google maps.
  • Speaking of Google maps, I’m thankful that my husband finally caved in and agreed that after two years with no printer, we should finally purchase one. Thanks, Christopher. I know it was not your favorite thing to spend our money on. I will be such a sweet wife from now on. Promise.
  • Yesterday, while I separated laundry and August played with dangerous found objects in our building’s laundry room, he climbed onto a step while I wasn’t watching and yelled: “I tall like Dada! Mama, I tall like Dada!” How can I not be thankful for that?
  • On behalf of my husband, I will be thankful that he recently discovered a new word: tergiversation, (a synonym for “betrayal”) which he saw AGAIN last night in an article. In our book nerd house, new vocabulary is a cause for celebration. (As I type he is looking up its etymology. Book. Nerd.)
  • I’m grateful for yesterday’s rainy afternoon and an excuse to finally organize my bills and clean up my desk. I love that feeling of accomplishment.
  • Last night my dear friend Cat ate dinner in Radnor, PA a group of high school juniors whom I love and miss. I’m grateful for her faithfulness to them. Sometimes I have this slight inkling of what Paul the apostle felt like when he left a church behind in his travels. There are days my heart aches for those high school kids. I know it’s cheesy to say that the person who took over your job is waaaay better at it than you ever could have been. But I don’t care. It’s Thankful Tuesday. Friends, Cat’s ability to inspire and love and communicate the transforming message of Christ is stunning. Yes, she’s better at it than I ever was. I’m thankful.
  • Mostlly, my thankfulness feels pretty simple. I’m grateful for food and a home and my family. And I’m grateful for this blog. Thanks for being here with me everyday. I like you guys.

Your turn. What’s your thankful list today?


  • So…I read Tara’s blog consistently and have noticed the link to the Hohurt family about 23921 times…never realizing it was you…until today. LOL

    I look forward to keeping up with you!

  • Hi Micha,

    I am finally coming out of lurking to say that I love your blog. It is great to read in the middle of my day when I get home to be with my sweet kids. Today I am thankful for so much. Here are a few of them.

    * We get to live in the house on the street every child gravitates toward to play. (10 at one point today I couldn’t believe it. It was so much fun!)

    * The beautiful children on our street that engage relationship with my children and me even though communication can be rough.

    *The dates are finally set for an in country surgical mission in August where 25 children will get life-saving heart surgery in 2 weeks time.

    Just an fyi, I am terrible at commenting but I wanted you to know I am reading and enjoying everything you are posting.

  • I am working hard today, after working hard yesterday, and the day before that and the day before that. And my brow is in a constant furrow. Then I took a break, ready your blog and smiled. And was thankful for the momentary reprieve from my own small world of concerns. Tall like Dada! How sweet and funny. I love imagining it. I am thankful for my job and for the opportunity to work hard. I am thankful too for Glee and for learning here that Neil Patrick Harris is guest-starring. Fun! I foresee some unwinding time ahead!!

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