Tomato Thankful

  • This bright red tomato just picked from our garden. On the last day of April??? (I can’t get over the weirdness of this. I know I may be from Texas, but Amarillo and Austin are 500 miles away from each other. That equals two very different climates. See here and here if you want to be nerdy about it. And after being a grown-up on the East coast, the idea of April being anything but ground-smushy and 60 degrees is still crazy to me. So, fresh tomatoes from the garden in the middle of “spring”? Strange and kind of wonderful.)
  • A new camera other than my lame-o phone camera! (Hence the photo above.) My kids will finally have their lives documented!
  • A friend-date last night with Andrea
  • A lovely weekend with my brother and sister-in-law…having them around, especially while Chris was out of town for the weekend, was such a gift. By Sunday lunch, Brooksie was crying when Jason left the table for the bathroom. (And calling “Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma” after him. Should I be offended?) Also, they left me a surprise thank you note and a bar of dark chocolate, which is the best way to ensure that I’ll always be their friend.
  • That my husband got to spend a whole weekend with his best guy friends from the east coast. That he loves his friends as much as he does and for how he inspires me to love mine well.
  • Brooksie’s newest word: “Eh-a,” which is baby speak for “Ezra the Super Cat.”
  • August’s sudden lovey feelings for our next-door neighbor. When she wasn’t around to play with us on Saturday and I suggested we walk to the park, he countered: “But, there aren’t any cute girls at the park!” Seriously? Where did he learn about cute girls?
  • The book, Psalms for Young Children that I discovered at the Eerdmans table at the Festival of Faith and Writing. The pictures are beautiful and the Psalms are true to form: there are sad ones and happy ones, and I’m amazed by how much August is connecting with the laments. More to come about my thoughts on why I believe we should be exposing our kids to both kinds of Psalms.
  • That my very sleepy almost-four-year-old fell asleep in my arms half dressed in his pajamas at 7:45 on Saturday night. I sang to him and smelled his clean hair and promised my heart that I wouldn’t forget what a gift it was to rock my big baby to sleep. Then I tried to stand up with his 36 pounds in my arms and lift him up to his lofted bed. It was hard work. Aren’t all beautiful things a little bit difficult?
  • The countdown to summertime has begun! Did you know I love summer for a gazillion reasons? After my two non-summers in San Francisco, I’m so thrilled to experience all the heat and ice cream and mosquito bites and sprinkler playing and sunscreen lathering and hamburger grilling with my boys.
  • Can I brag about my husband for a second? (You’re thinking: Isn’t that all you do on Thankful Tuesday?) After I came home from the Festival of Faith and Writing all rejuvenated and excited to write, he decided that I should have a whole day away every month, where I can go somewhere to write and meet friends for lunch and generally do whatever I want to do. That idea sounds kind of awesome, right? I’m thankful for a husband who is always thinking of ways to care for me.
  • For sundresses and iced coffees and sunsets and bubbles and baby pools
  • For popsicle makers and my dad’s birthday and my the chance to make up stories in the car on the way to all the places and watching August become himself and learning who that is. For the insight that he, “likes to watch soccer, not play it.” It’s good to learn about this person who is learning about himself.

It’s Thankful Tuesday. What are you thankful for?


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9 Responses to Tomato Thankful

  1. SERIOUSLY jealous of your popsicle maker. Maybe mother’s day?

    This week I find myself thankful for rain, day lilies, a little man who’s walking, and those moments where God brings shalom like a wave over my stressed out soul.

    • michaboyett

      Yes, that popsicle maker was my birthday present from my MIL last summer. It is awesome. Sometimes I just pour some apple juice into it and three minutes later we have a not-too-sweet summer treat. Genius!

  2. Trisha

    I don’t read all the time but I’m thankful that I caught this post and your awesome photo.

  3. Charlotte Eden Orth

    Thankful for my morning coffee, rain last night on my garden and my friend’s little redheaded daughter.

  4. katieleigh

    Oh, I love all the items on this list. And tomatoes in April?? I’m jealous.

  5. I’m thankful that the school year is nearing the end. We graduate from our undergraduate program in 4 days! Eek!

  6. I bought the Psalms book too, and it’s wonderful. My son is still a little young for it, but both this one and the Jesus Storybook Bible have been powerful to me. It’s like they’re tapping into my inner-evangelical-little-girl who thought it was all about memorizing verses for Awana and getting all those jewels in all those plastic crowns. I cry every time I read either of them.

  7. My son, who is almost two-and-a-half, also loves Psalms for Young Children. Right now, he is particularly drawn to one of the sad ones and always asks to read it before bed. I prefer to end on a happy note (is this bad?), so we have a deal that we can read that one and then a happy one after.

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