Tired, but Thankful

Pops and the boys...

  • How many women out there have a father who would fly to her town for four days just to babysit her little boy? I love that August and my dad got to have a grandson and grandpa weekend. There were lots of planes/rockets/parachutes flown in the yard, lots of dragon books read, and lots of pizza consumed. As the worrywart that I am, I’m so grateful that both made it through the weekend with only minor wounds.
  • Chris, Brooksie and I drove 9 hours to Natchez, Mississippi on Friday, spent the day Saturday with dear friends from the northeast in that beautiful, beautiful town, watched our favorite bachelor friend Ray start crying long before his bride even made it to the aisle, and danced to “Rock Me Mama” in honor of our three-year-old back at home. (It’s one of his favorites.) Then, Sunday morning, we loaded up the car and drove 9 hours back to Austin. I’m exhausted! And I’m thankful for old friends, beautiful places, northern boys who marry southern girls, blue grass bands, a grits bar(!) at the reception, a baby in a newsboy hat (cutest ever…sorry there’s no picture), reminders of the beauty of vulnerability, and the sweetness of well-earned exhaustion.
  • I’m thankful that returning to Austin felt like returning to home.
  • A rug in our living room! Being able to set my baby on a carpet is a real gift.
  • Time to really talk with my husband in the car (18 hours worth of time, to be exact.)
  • That my dad got to give Brooksie a bottle yesterday. How often will that happen? So sweet.
  • For dinosaur bones, mysterious jaguars, August’s imaginary friend named “Gin Gin” (who August says “is not a good friend” because he told him not to poop in the potty any more), that I got to take a nap with August in his twin bed yesterday, that Brooks loves peek-a-boo, that home is warm and full of joy.
  • For the freshmen girls coming over for a sleepover this Thursday night and the pizza that will be consumed.
  • For the rain that fell this weekend: Happy grass in muddy ground, the freshness of cooler weather, the relief of water falling from the sky! (What an idea! Rain is one of those God inventions that I’m still amazed by: Water just comes out of the sky? Crazy.)


It’s Thankful Tuesday. What are you thankful for?

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