All the gifts…I’m thankful

  • For Brooksie’s sweet excitement after bath time when I’m going to give him a lotion-y baby massage. (We’re talking arms swinging-giggles here.)
  • That my baby is 5-months-old today! How did this happen?
  • For birds on branches outside this impermanent apartment.
  • For the house we found last week that we’ll move into in a month. For future cool mornings on the deck with my coffee.
  • For August’s strong will and his current love for Green Eggs and Ham. (Two days ago during breakfast, he quoted the book: “Say! I do like Cheerios! Say!”)
  • For August and Chris’ six pm swim at the apartment pool every night before dinner.
  • For new routines in a new place.
  • For my friend Cat, who is coming to visit (and help me take care of my tribe) this weekend while Chris is out of town.
  • For Austin food trucks. This snob is impressed.
  • For the sweetness of our non-social life right now. It’s so wonderful to just be with our kids without any other commitments.
  • For the long-ago-canceled TV show Dollhouse I just discovered on Netflix. So obsessed right now…
  • For the 10 Trader Joe’s dark chocolate bars I brought with me to Austin. They’ve come in very handy.
  • For shorter nights and the promise of cooler days, first days of school, football games and hot chocolate. Have I mentioned before that I love seasons?
  • For Lance’s recovery. His eyes are open. His lungs are healing. His community is providing a way to get him transported home. For sweet answers to prayer and reminders that God gives good gifts. (Thank you for praying.
  • For friendship spread across this wide country. I’m blessed that I got to love people on both coasts and in the middle.

Happy Thankful Tuesday. What are you thankful for?


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3 Responses to All the gifts…I’m thankful

  1. I loved Dollhouse! It completely obsessed me too. I was glad I found it on Netflix so I could enjoy my obsession uninterrupted.

    I am grateful for so many things… this wonderful, abundant season in Wisconsin. It is green and lush and lovely this time of year, to be followed by fall which may be even more wonderful. For my church family, particularly a committee I have been working on that helped to crack open some of the harder places in my heart… For God’s very clear, literal way of speaking to me when I need it. For my daughter’s delightful spirit. For my son’s intensity and joy. For my first pumpkin starting to grow on the vine. For my husbands patience. For my grandmother-in-law’s dining room table which now lives at our house. My blessings are so numerous!

  2. M.K.

    I too am a Dollhouse fan - I watched it when it was on tv. You should check out Joss Whedon’s show Firefly if you haven’t seen it yet. It got cancelled after only a small number of episodes but it was really good. After that, then rent the movie based on the series, Serenity.

    I’ve been away from your blog (and all blogs) for a while. So I just recently saw that you moved back to Texas. So happy that you are in your home state and that you seem to be settling in well. Sending lots of love.

  3. Sam

    I knew we were kindred spirits. Hooray for Dollhouse! We watched it while it was on TV and have it in pur Netflix queue. It let me in on the genius of Joss Whedon. I just love Topher, especially.

    I’m excited you found a house! With a deck!

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