Birthday Thankful

On Sunday, I turned into a 31 year old. And just as if the Lord had been waiting all summer to open up the clouds for the sake of my official entry into the rest of the 30s, it suddenly became summer in San Francisco. Just like that, while the rest of you were buying fall clothes for your offspring’s off-to-school shopping, I put on my shorts and forgot (whoops!) to wear sunscreen. Ahhh. Here’s what I’m thankful for:

  • Facebook birthday wishes. Seriously, isn’t it amazing what a birthday on Facebook can do for your self esteem? Who cares that all those people got a reminder when they logged on that you exist and are celebrating! What matters is every individual “Happy birthday!” from each random study partner in your sophomore History class. It feels good, I tell you.
  • My friend Jamie gave me a birthday call and reminded me that it’s been ten years since my heartbreaking 21st birthday, when I and all my friends in college were too busy planning and carrying out New Student Orientation at HSU (from 6 am to midnight) to celebrate. I think I had time that day for a 10-minute cry in the bathroom. But, you know what I best remember from that day? My friend Lex Robertson gave me a card with a monkey on it (or was it an ape?), with the written inscription: “I only want to see you dancing in the purple rain.” Lex, you probably had no idea I remember that, but today I’m thankful for you and for Prince. (Honestly, I’m thankful for Prince everyday.)
  • Eggs Benedict. This is my favorite breakfast of all time, which my husband faithfully makes (homemade hollandaise sauce, my friends) for my breakfast in bed every birthday, Mother’s Day, and super-emotional-Micha-day. Sunday I did not get breakfast in bed because we spent the weekend on a retreat with our church, but you bet I got it for dinner and ate it watching Mad Men.
  • Remember how I said it was a summer day Sunday (and today!)? When we got home, we grabbed the quilt, walked to the park, spread out in the grass. I sipped a latte, ate a pastry and took a nap while the boys played around me. Is there anything as good as listening to your son and husband play while you fall asleep in the sun? I’ll answer that: No. There’s nothing as good.
  • I took my cartilage piercing out of my ear. It’s been 13 years since I helped convince my hallway of freshmen dorm friends to go to the Piercing Pagoda and the mall and do something Crazy! 13 years later, I’ve thought of taking it out several times, but it was sweet to me, this gentle reminder of my friends and my giddiness about life when I was 18. Last night as I went to bed, my ear aching for the fourth night in a row because, even 13 years later, those piercings just hurt sometimes, I said to my husband: “Why shouldn’t I take this thing out?” Christopher, having never liked the thing in my ear, said: “There are no reasons you shouldn’t.” (He tends to be straightforward.) And I realized, shockingly, that he was right. It was good to take it out today. It felt like a step toward…adulthood?

So, it probably wasn’t your birthday this week, but I’m sure you have a few thankfuls in you. Please share.


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6 Responses to Birthday Thankful

  1. CAQ

    I am thankful you are 31. No personal investment in that number, I swear; I just happen to be 31 also. So I happen to think it’s the best age ever.

    I am thankful that when I wake up up at 4 am, for no reason I can understand, I can read a post from you. With Henry Pussycat licking her paws two feet away and then snoozing on the windowsill (well, one of us should be sleeping).

    I am thankful that I still get to read your writing, whatever it is about.

    I am incredibly thankful you were born. Happy Birthday! Okay, I am never Facebook on time, but hopefully this is close enough. I am so thankful you are alive. xoxoxoxoxocaq

  2. Lex

    I’m thankful that you remembered that card and its inscription, and that you reminded me of it and told the world. Honestly, I’m touched.

    I was looking at pictures of this year’s HSU NSO on Facebook. I’m thankful for my time at HSU, and for getting to participate in NSO every year, and, at the same time, I’m immensely thankful that I’m in a different stage of life!

  3. Janna


    It wasn’t my actual birthday this week (turned 33 on July 22) but it was my birthday celebration with my two best friends on Sunday. We did brunch at a fantastic restaurant I’d never been to and then pedicures. I’m thankful the restaurant had no wait, thankful that the black toe nail polish (had to use black to cover my running bruises on my toes) actually looked good and I’m thankful for my two best friends (one I’ve known since birth, one since I was 14). They are still two of my favorite people in the world!

  4. Clio

    Happy Birthday!

    I am thankful I found this website. Seriously. A raised-Texan Christian feminist stay-at-home Mom? Quite the find for a raised-Texan Christian feminist soon-to-be stay-at-home Mom :)

    I am thankful for my life, in general. I had a rather difficult beginning of life. I never could have guessed that my life would develop into a safe, happy, abundant and joyful adulthood. God has blessed me many times over.

    I am thankful for my beautiful, healthy and happy children.

    I am also grateful for their loving, uber-smart and quirky Daddy who watched the last 3 parts of Avatar: The Last Airbender (animated series) last night even though it was way past our bedtime!

    I am grateful for fresh salsa and guacamole waiting to be eaten with fajitas for lunch today :)

  5. As always, I love hearing what you’re thankful for. Courtney, I’m thankful to have finally joined you in the thirty-ones. Lex, I’m thankful that the greatest Prince impersonator in karaoke history reads my blog. Janna, I’m always happy to hear about fellow mamas having pedicures with their besties. And Clio, thanks for finding the blog and being a doppelganger. I’m also always grateful for fresh salsa and guacamole.

    And just to add to my list: I’m thankful that I got to go to the beach today in San Francisco and not freeze! Woohoo for the hottest day of the year!

    • Farah

      Happy birthday belatedly. Lovely thankful things for your birthday. I hope the rest of your year of days to be 31 are just as good. Or better.

      And I’m totally jealous of the homemade benedict; it’s my favorite, too.

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