August 12, 2010...10:19 pm

Read this, please.

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So, it’s 10 at night and my son didn’t get in bed till 8:40 ish (more than an hour late) due to my poor choice of driving home from a friend’s house at 5:20: Downtown at rush hour with a necessary stop at Whole Foods? Bad choice. 1 hour and 40 minutes later, I started dinner. Which we ate at 7:45.

I will also add that I’m tired and my brain is failing you tonight. You deserve more than I can give you, dear reading friends. So I’ll tell you this: I’m really loving the Burnside Writers Collective, which describes itself as an “online magazine for Christians looking for a connection with the world outside of franchise Christianity.”

Today I heard from a friend who gave me the terrible news that a couple from their church (good friends of theirs) in their barely thirties (with two young children) have been dealing with the shock and fear of his recently diagnosed cancer. It’s a nightmare we all try to shake out of our brains when it crawls inside, especially at this point in our lives as young parents. Tonight I came across this article in Burnside, which I feel is poignant, honest, and faithful to our God who is nothing if not mysterious. Read “God. Is Good — or Protecting God’s Reputation When Shit Happens.” I hope it comforts and challenges you in the same way it did me.

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  • Hey Mama Monk,
    Thanks for reading my Burnside post…just wanted to tell you I am so sorry to read of the recent news regarding your friend. Praying God is close to all of you, as I know He will be. Thinking of all concerned.
    Jo Hilder

  • Thanks for stopping by, Jo. I’m excited to have found your post and am looking forward to more of your writing…

    Thank you for your kindness.


  • sometimes there is no explanation for the stuff that happens…. i loved the thought in the article that 1)God 2)is good…

    one thing i have learned is that what i think is good may not always be the best thing for me in the big picture of things.

    but you know, that really doesn’t help when you are in the middle of the storm

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